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Semi-continuous Casting System of Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy

With the support of the research teams in Luoyang Institute of Special Materials Research, this Semi-continuous casting system of aluminum and magnesium alloy line aims to produce the high-performance aluminum and magnesium alloy materials to satisfy the materials need in the field of aerospace.

In terms of technology, the pilot base has introduced The Linde Group the low temperature pure oxygen combustion technology which can save energy and reduce emission. And together with the shallow pool technology, on-line degassing filtration, PLC + intelligent temperature control instrument, HMI real-time operation, magnesium alloy protection atmosphere and undercurrent technology, the pilot base can realize low energy consumption, low emissions and high quality.

The main production equipment includes 10 tons aluminum alloy furnace, 1.2/2 tons magnesium alloy furnace, 10 tons outer guide type hydraulic casting machine, high speed band sawing machine and 15 tons homogenizing annealing furnace.


The high-performance aluminum and magnesium alloy semi-continuous casting project will focus on the production of the 2 series, 5 series, 7 series high performance aluminum alloy and rare earth magnesium alloy semi-continuous ingots that used in the field of aerospace and military.

Product Specification:


Product name

Alloy Grades and products state

specifications (mm)

annual output (t/a)

Technical conditions


Aluminum alloy ingots


1φmax 500





Magnesium alloy ingots

Mg-Re, Mg-Zn-Z

1φmax 500




At present, the pilot line has successfully produced aluminum alloy round ingots with a diameter of 605mm and length of 6.5m, and the

275*1040mm flat ingot with a length of 6m.

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